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Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip

buffalo chicken dip and blue corns chips on a yellow plate

Crockpot buffalo chicken dip. It’s so good and easy to make. We make this way more often than we should because it’s just that good. I love just throwing all of the ingredients in my Crockpot and letting it cook. It’s the perfect dip for game days and watching some football.


You only need 5 ingredients to make this delicious dip. Here’s what you’ll need:
1) 2 cans of chicken breast
2) 2 cups shredded cheese-I like to use sharp or mild
3) 1 8 oz. package of cream cheese
4) 1/2 cup ranch dressing
5) 1/2 cup hot sauce

ranch, hot sauce, cheese, canned chicken and cream cheese ingredients on a table


*I like to add my chicken to the Crockpot first, and then either use a fork or this #ad Pampered Chef Mix n Chop. I love this tool because I can smash the chicken and get it finely ground.
*Next I just dump in the rest of the ingredients. The cream cheese will make it hard to stir, so you can wait until it melts a bit to stir everything together.
*Cook on high for about 1 and 1/2 hours. Cook on low for about 2 hours. Cooking times may vary. Once it starts to really bubble, I turn it to warm.

buffalo chicken dip inside of a Crockpot

That’s it! Nothing fancy, but your friends will rave over this dip! I usually serve it with organic blue corn chips. I got mine at Aldi. If you have one near, I highly recommend these chips! They are sooo good, but really any type of chip will do!

You can also double this crockpot buffalo chicken dip very easily. Just double every ingredient. I have to double it nearly every time I make it! Thanks for stopping by!

If you have leftovers, which I very seriously doubt will happen, you can easily refrigerate this buffalo chicken dip. I wouldn’t keep it for more than a couple of days. Thanks for stopping by!


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